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Music review


Reviewer: Glen Peladeau - musician, instructor, sound engineer. 

Owner- Eccentric Music Co.


(slightly abridged for space)


Singer/songwriter Dan Kirouac has been performing for many years. 

He is an ASCAP composer and has beena member of various successful

cover bands in the area, the most recent and current one Beatles For Sale,

a tribute to the band.   Today I am taking a look at Dan's music as offered

on the Amazon digital media store. I have listened to each selection in

their entirety.


Dan's songs range widely in style and music delivery but not such that

you can't tell who it came from.  He is able to write and produce music

that has an inherent core to his own original style.  His preferences

seem to be in acoustic, rock, inspirational, and country as you will hear

in the selections mentioned.


In the song 'By My Side' Dan performs a lovely duet with singer

Dorette Weld, a song that brings out the message of lovers being

by each others' sides. The song is melodic, with a slow tempo with

piano at the heart of the mix and acoustic guitar complimenting it

underneath.  The vocals are very meaningful and heartfelt.  Dorette

also has a beautiful voice for this style and is a nice match for Dan's

clear voice.


'Silver Wishes' was nominated for Song of the Year by Limelight Magazine

in 2012.  The song is complimented by vocalist Jenn Zapata.  Jenn serves

the song with her raspy, young adult, contemporary country vocals.

Jenn was a great choice to deliver the song's message.  I also enjoyed the

song's sweet guitar solo that carries the song's momentum into the last verse. 

The only thing I would have done production-wise would be placing a few more

chorus lines at the end.  This comes from a guy who hates repetitive songs but

I think in this case the song begs for more.  That being said, it is a great song to

buy for the collection, support and share with friends. 


If you like inspirational songs, 'But Still I Pray' might be the one for you.  It's a

nice song that sends a message of hope.  A great song for anyone struggling from

internal battles.  This is a great song for the collection--nice lead vocals from Dan.


The last song for this review is a Christmas tune titled 'Christmas Together'.  This

song's vocals are by Sarah Gengel.  If you're looking for a lovely song to share

with a loved one during Christmastime, this would be a great new

Christmas song for the collection.  Once heard it will be shared.


I think Dan's songs have the ability to cross from independent to major label and

are very marketable for independent films.  With the help of music fans buying his

music in support I believe his songs will receive more recognition to allow for this to



Please take the time to place his songs into your collection to share with friends

and family.