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 ...THANKS  (released 2002, remastered 2006)


1. Goin' There (D. Kirouac) 4:19

2. The Song (D. Kirouac) 3:38

3. Someday When I'm Older (D. Kirouac) 2:37

4. Little Lovin' Machine (D. Kirouac) 3:01

5. The More I Stumble (D. Kirouac/G. LeBlanc) 4:42

6. Tell Me I'm Wrong (D. Kirouac) 4:14

7. If I Was Out Of Line (D. Kirouac) 4:35

8. Some Other Time (D. Kirouac/R. Villarreal) 5:11

9. Intensity (D. Kirouac) 2:32

10. (bonus cover track) Banditos (The Refreshments) 4:05





Dan Kirouac Music, Worcester, MA.  Released 2003

Acoustic /electric guitar, vocals, and co-production by Dan Kirouac


UNCLE DAN'S CAVE (released 2006)


1. LAST KNOWN ADDRESS -  (Dan Kirouac, Gary LeBlanc) 3:44

2. AS CLEAR TO YOU - (Dan Kirouac) 3:34

3. SHOULD BE YOU, SHOULD BE ME – (Gary LeBlanc, Dan Kirouac) 3:25

4. SPIDER GATES -  (Dan Kirouac, Steve Kirouac) 5:08

5. ONE MORE TIME -  (Dan Kirouac) 5:09

6. LOST CONTROL - (Dan Kirouac) 4:07

7. SECONDS AWAY – (Dan Kirouac, Gary LeBlanc)  3:41

8. LONG COLD WINTER – (Dan Kirouac, Gary LeBlanc)                3:35

9. WORDS OF GLASS -  (Gary LeBlanc, Dan Kirouac) 3:14

10. NOVA SCOTIA HARBOR – (Dan Kirouac, Sean Fullerton)   7:57


     Paulhus,  Zalewski, Gonthier) 3:21

Recorded mainly between 2003-2006, with some recycled 1998 drum tracks.  

Engineered by Mike Gallant.

Recorded at GrooveDog Recording Studio, Holden & Rutland, MA, and Polar Bear Studios, Worcester, MA.   Drums on track 5 recorded June, 1998, at Worcester, MA Broadmeadow studios.

Performers on this CD include Steve Kirouac, Sean Fullerton, Ken Tracy Jr., Mike Gallant,  & Matt Brown.

Mixed and mastered by Mike Gallant, Dan Kirouac,  & Sean Fullerton.  Produced by Mike Gallant and Dan Kirouac. 

Cover artwork by Gary LeBlanc.  Dedicated to my brother, Rodney Kirouac – rest in God’s Peace.    © 2006, Dan Kirouac Music, A.S.C.A.P.


One More Time, in the pre-CD release as a single,  made its' radio debut in 2004 on WORC 1310 AM, and played for three consecutive weeks.  Spider Gates has been a staple in live performances, both solo and with past bands, for the last 20 years.  This version also was played on WORC 1310 AM in 2004 and on WCUW-FM 91.3 in early 2005.  Both Spider Gates and Words of Glass were performed as featured songs on Local Rock TV, and airing in 21 cities and towns on community access channels in Massachusetts and Rhode Island in the spring and summer of 2006.  In 2007, As Clear To You and Seconds Away were featured on my solo segment of Local Rock TV.

It's ChristmasTime again was a favorite on WSCW radio (Worcester State College) in the winter of 1986-87.  The original version, written and recorded by members of Zap! featured a large background chorus of our friends, assistants, and college staff.